You always have a choice. You can be desperate, or you can be adventurous.


Desperate: Making a sales pitch in your DMs

Adventurous: Making connections in your DMs


Desperate: Copying and pasting because “it’s a numbers game”

Adventurous: Seeking authentic and strategic ways to stand out, and building systems around these tactics


Desperate: Worrying about generating enough revenue

Adventurous: Thinking creatively about new ways to generate revenue


Desperate: Pushing for a “discovery call”

Adventurous: Sharing valuable information until potential clients are eager to talk to you


Desperate: Trying to keep up with the latest trends

Adventurous: Constantly learning and improving


Desperate: Generic, AI-generated messaging

Adventurous: Personal messages and original content


Desperate: Data-driven

Adventurous:  Driven by vision and passion while using data as a powerful tool


I’ve been through lean times. There were a few months when I had to pay my rent with a credit card.

I got out of that situation by changing my tactics, learning new skills, and getting a lot of help from my contacts.