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Why I Focus on Big Goals


Mamma mia, what a year!

A lot of bad things happened, but I’m blown away by all the good things.

Near the end of every year, I reflect on what I learned. This year, I noticed that the bigger my goals were, the more likely I achieved them.

Too many people try to play it safe by playing small. But when you’re chasing down big, audacious goals you’re going to feel more excitement and energy. You’re going to attract the interest of other people, and maybe attract forces that we don’t currently understand.

A year ago, my wife and I were researching online for places we could afford to buy a few acres of land and move out of Los Angeles.

First, I wanted to get out of debt and re-establish myself as a copywriter (after a few years of taking a detour to teach science). We thought we could make the move sometime in mid-2022 if all went well.

As I write this in December 2021, we now own and live on a 4-acre farm in a beautiful location. We’re a 15-minute walk from groves of ancient redwoods, and I can ride my bike to the beach in less than half an hour.

I already have 2 months of writing work booked for the year ahead, and I expect to be debt-free by the end of March, if not sooner. I also lost weight this year and hit a lot of my personal physical goals.
I’m not writing this to brag, but to show you the power of focusing on the big goals.

There’s a lot of research in neuroscience showing that the combination of novelty, challenge, and genuine interest can trigger several physiological benefits that help you reach your goals faster.

For example, when things are in a state of flux and uncertainty, but you simultaneously have a clear vision of the outcome you want, a region of the brain called the Substantia Nigra/Ventral Tegumental Area (SN/VTA) lights up and leads to creative thinking.

So, think big as you plan for the new year. It may sound counterintuitive, but the more ambitious your goals are, the better your chances of reaching them.

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Until next time,

Use your head, follow your heart, and always seek adventure!




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