Why doesn’t sharing free information work for you?

You’ve probably heard this before.

Be a resource, they say. Add value. Make yourself useful to as many people as possible, and a river of clients and referrals will flood you with riches.Professional sharing free content with a smile

Except, does this really work? Kind of, but it’s not that simple. Let me give you an example.

I met Jared through a referral when my wife and I bought our first home. We had a lot of questions and concerns, but Jared was an expert. He quickly put us at ease, and it was a no-brainer to insure our home through his insurance agency.

It wasn’t long before we bundled our auto insurance with our home insurance. And then, this being California after all, we bought earthquake insurance through Jared’s agency.

Over the last few years, I’ve had conversations with Jared about life insurance, professional liability, and others. I added my mother-in-law’s automobile to our insurance plan. When we became landlords, we arranged for Jared to insure one of our tenants.

My wife’s employer provides health care for both of us, but if we ever want to supplement it, I wouldn’t think about looking at other plans until I talked to Jared.

There are two things that are important here.

The first, and most important point, is what I call the Golden Law.

The Golden Law

Almost everyone who does business with you is going to need you again at some point in the future. That’s the Golden Law.

Once you’re established and you have a wealth of experience and expertise, your key to riches is simple: Become the “go to” person whenever they need someone in your field in the future.

Like they say, you’ve heard all about this before: Just help a lot of people, give away value for free, and you’ll be paid back tenfold in money and rainbows and a world of shiny unicorn kittens.

Except, what’s wrong with this picture?

The Bubble-Bursting Elephant in the Room

I don’t need to burst your bubble. You’re doing it already.

There’s an elephant in the room, a big chubby one sitting on the bubble and popping it with an explosion of reality. The elephant in the roomLet’s talk about the elephant in the room.

It’s easy to offer free information to existing clients. It’s easy to get repeat business from people and organizations who’ve already done business with you.

But what about strangers who are getting all the information they want online? how do you capture their attention and win their trust? How do you bring new clients into my funnel/pipeline/networking group?”

I’m going to show you.

We’re going to build a single, integrated system that attracts new clients into your business. A system that generates leads and brings in referrals. A system that converts them faster, and automatically “upgrades” them with offers of new kinds of insurance.

It will take some work up front. But once you have the complete system in place, you will spend less time chasing leads, and more time on calls and appointments with serious, motivated clients. You will spend less time trying to sell, and more time advising people who really value your service and expertise.

Why you have the whole system in place, you provide more value to your prospects and clients. This sets off a virtuous cycle–more income for you, which enables you to provide more value, which brings in more income in a growing, upward spiral.

So what is this system?

Well, it’s based on 3 basic principles:

  1. You have a lot of valuable information to offer
  2. There are a lot of people searching for this information
  3. The number of people who receive your information has little to do with the quality of the information and lot to do with where and how well you present it

You’re giving away value already. In fact, you’re probably doing it really well right now. Maybe you have a blog or even a YouTube channel where you dispense sage advice about insurance.

But are you getting a good return on your investment of time and effort? That’s where I can help you. Let’s get started.

This article is the beginning of a series I call “Backbone Marketing.” I’m going to show you how to build a core, or “backbone” of content and make it the basis of an integrated marketing system that will bring you new business and sales for years to come. 

Just look for articles under the category “Backbone Marketing” and you’ll find everything you need to know to build your own rock solid core system.


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