Who came out ahead in 2007?

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Here’s a simple test. You should already know the answer, but bear with me.

Think of all the money you made in 2007, and figure out how much of it you’re still holding on to. It’s probably less than 100%, unless you’re financially free and you work for entertainment.

Now think about all the customers and clients who put money in your pocket in 2007. You gave them something in exchange for that money, and chances are they’re still holding on to 100% of what you gave them.

If you helped them buy a house, or something that goes in a house or outside a house, they probably still own it. They’re sharing it with their friends and family, relaxing and enjoying and maybe even showing off.

But most of the money you made on the deal is gone. There are bills to pay, vacations to take, and unexpected surprises.

Between you and your client, who got the better deal over the long term?

If you did something that helped your clients start, grow, or operate a business, they’re still bringing in revenue from their business. If you sold an insurance policy, your client is safer from unexpected adversity because of you.

Their wealth and security are growing and improving, because you closed the sale. But they paid you a pile of cash that is shrinking every day.

OK, maybe you managed to invest some of it, but your car needs gas and your kids need shoes and your yard would look like a bad part of the Mojave Desert if you didn’t pay for seeds and plants and tools and a wealth of water to keep everything alive.

Your products and services keep on serving your clients, long after the money they paid you is gone.

So who got the better deal?

Think about this whenever you’re feeling reluctant to do more selling, more marketing. Your clients need you! How would they ever get by without you?

A lot of smart, successful people have struggled to work through the fear, shyness, and even shame associated with selling.

Remember this in 2008. You’re practically giving everything away, sweating out your time and money just to beg your prospects to steal the best you have to offer!

You’re also increasing the net amount of good in the world. You’re solving problems, reducing stress, promoting health and happiness, building wealth for others as well as yourself.

And because of this, you should shamelessly promote your business in 2008, every time and every place you can.


To get ahead in business, you have to stand out from the competition. You have to do something different. You have to be bold.

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