Try this if you’re locked out of your market

The Pareto Principle always holds true.

Life is great once you make it into the top 20%. It sucks if you’re in the lower 80%. I know from personal experience.

I used to watch other people make more money, build better reputations, and have way more success than me, even though they weren’t that much smarter or more skilled.

I eventually figured out how to get invited to the party. It’s not as hard as you might think.

They tell you that 70% of success is just showing up, but they don’t tell you the rest of the story. They don’t tell you that you will drown if you don’t figure out the other 30%.

So what can you do, besides just plugging away and showing up? I’m glad you asked.

I’ve got two killer strategies that you can start right away. I’ll give you the first one now, and the next one is coming in a week–so pay attention to your inbox.

Not only that, but I’m going to tell you about two short books that changed my life. Read them, apply the concepts, and you’ll never miss the party again–at least not for long.

By the way, these secrets aren’t just for newbies. If you’re expanding your business into a new field, launching a product in an established market, or reinventing yourself you’ll want to keep reading.

The Real Estate Shortcut

Let’s say you’re a realtor, and you’re busy collecting leads from Zillow, and then wearing out your shoes taking these people around to look at houses every weekend. There are fifteen other realtors on the same block doing the same thing.

We’re going to short-circuit the process. When those fifteen others go straight, we’re going to turn left. Here’s what you do: Show up and volunteer to write a blog for the local Real Estate Investors club. Or create a YouTube channel with tips on how to spruce up a home before you sell it.

By all means, keep farming, and gather your leads, but also take some leadership in your industry.

To be successful in any field, in any profession, all you need is to do something that nobody else in your industry is doing.

For example, way back in 2008 I launched a monthly print version of Bold Words. Of course, virtually everyone has a regular email they send out, and a presence on social media. But no other copywriters were sending out a tangible piece of mail you could hold in your hand.

It cost maybe $50 a month and usually took half a day of hard work. But I made thousands of dollars from it.


Just do something

That’s your first game-changing strategy. Just do something. Have a little bit of fun with it if you can. Someone will notice, and doors will open.

This strategy works synergistically with the one I’m going to give you next week. Employ both of these, and you will have all the business you want.


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