The Unbeatable Sales Tactic that Nobody Wants to Use (537 words)

The man had a frightening reputation.

They said he liked programming code more than he liked most people. He was hard to reach, and unpleasant when you reached him.

When I got this antisocial recluse on the phone, the first thing he said was, “The only reason I agreed to take your call is because you’ve been relentless.”

Within fifteen minutes he did everything I wanted.

The surprising secret about being “relentless”

The Big Guy said I was “relentless,” but all I did was leave a total of three—yes, three—messages with his assistant. Hardly a Herculean effort, but it was enough to stand out.

I stood out because most people give up after the first call—if they ever even bother to call.

I’m a lazy man, but it seems that most people are lazier than I am. And this means you’ve got yet another reason to call your prospects every day.

The Bear in the Woods

You’ve probably heard some version of this story. We’re hiking in the woods, and suddenly an angry bear bursts through the brush and chases us. You don’t have to run faster than the bear in order to survive. You just have to run faster than me.

If making three phone calls is the definition of “relentless,” then you don’t have to spend every waking hour on the phone. Just make more calls than the other real estate agents in your area—and it looks like they’re not making many.

You can easily place yourself above your rivals, even if they have more experience, more resources, and better connections. Just keep going. Be persistent. This works because most people don’t do it.

What’s right with this picture?

Now here’s the thing. Your potential clients probably have some time allocated for answering email, phone messages, and social media.

Their social media time will always be crowded, with more posts fighting for the same bit of attention.

Email is the same, and possibly worse. People just want to get through it.

But how many legitimate phone calls do you get during business hours? Not the annoying robocalls, but calls from a real live person?

Each call is bound to get more attention. You deal with hundreds of emails every day, but probably fewer than a dozen calls.

What if you called five potential clients a day? How much time would that even take you? Script a good, 10-second voicemail message, and you’re done.

Five calls per day will put you on the radar with 25 potential clients each week. That’s a hundred per month. Do this for a year, and 1,200 new prospects will know your name. How many of those 1200 people would have to become your clients to make a significant change in your income?

And making five calls is nothing. You can easily double this number, once you get into a rhythm.

Relentlessness is Persistence that Talks

Be relentless. You know that making these calls will pay off. Even if it’s not yet tattooed on the inside of your medulla oblongata, you’ve heard people say it enough. Get the tattoo.

Persistence doesn’t always take as much effort as you’d think. Just make a few calls, and you’ll soon be labelled “relentless.”


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