Quick and Easy Tips to Unique Copywriting for Real Estate (604 Words)

You don’t have to be an expert copywriter to stand out from 90% of your competitors.

Most REALTORS® are still using standard copy and templates to promote themselves. Here are three copywriting tips to stand out from your peers.


The most essential copywriting tip

Whether you’re writing an email or sending a postcard, you want people to read it. The secret is the headline (or subject line if you’re sending an email).

Your reader scans this in a few seconds, and then decides whether s/he wants to read more. They’ll read on if your headline contains two magic ingredients: Curiosity and self-interest. A few examples:

  • You won’t believe what your neighbors did to their kitchen! Come to the open house this Saturday!
  • Here’s a way to reduce your capital gains taxes that your accountant didn’t tell you
  • Take 5 minutes to protect your property from floods

 A good headline can also make a good Tweet, a good subject line, and a good title for a video. The same rules apply. Promise something that they want and make them wonder how you’re going to deliver.

Almost everyone finds this combination of self-interest and curiosity irresistible.

Strong copy comes from your core

Chances are, you’re giving the same free advice as all your peers. But there’s an easy way to stand out.

The secret is to constantly express what really makes you different from all the other REALTORS ® in your area. This is probably tied in with why you’re in this business, what makes you get out of bed and work long hours (besides the money!)

You have a set of core values, even if you’ve never articulated them. Don’t hide these away. Every time you post something, tie it to your core values.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by summing it up at the end. Finish your videos, blog posts, and emails with a consistent statement. For example:

“I’ll never forget how I felt when I bought my first investment property. It’s a true life-changing experience, and I want to make sure you get the best possible deal when you take this important step.”


“I grew up in this neighborhood. These homes are my own flesh and bone, and I’m committed to seeing them bought and sold for true value.”


Make it helpful

I’m constantly getting postcards from your fellow REALTORS ® that brag about the homes they recently sold or offering point blank to sell my home even though I’ve never met the sender and have no idea who they are.

All you have to do is produce a few lines of useful advice. You will instantly stand out as a breath of fresh air, someone who genuinely cares. You just need to write a few sentences each month, and put them in your postcards, on your blog, and on social media.

These are always handy tips:

  • Seasonal reminders about weather, gutters, planting a garden, storm windows, etc.
  • Advice and reminders related to tax and insurance
  • Warnings about common dangers or threats to property
  • Announcements about local, public events

Many of these tips come up annually. You can save time by having one tip for each month, which you can re-use every year.

Attack of the (digital) clones

As more of the buying and selling process is being done electronically, it’s harder for homeowners to understand how one REALTOR ® is different from any other. On top of the myriad challenges of real estate, you now have to prove you’re not a clone.

Copywriting is one of the simplest ways to show that you bring unique value to the table. And since most of your colleagues won’t take this extra step, it’s a sure-fire tool to boost your prestige and your income.


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