My favorite social media “hack”


Internet gurus invented the hamster wheel.

“If you don’t post at least 3 times a day,” they warn you, “you’re invisible?”

Things like sales and marketing, personal contact, and doing the work you’re great at–all those things have to wait. You’ve gotta create more CONTENT and post the living frack out of it.

You’re welcome to stay on the social media treadmill, if you think you need the exercise. But I think there’s something else you can do. Something way more authentic, something that doesn’t take as much out of you, and something that might even work better–at least on certain platforms.

You know what everyone wants on social media, right? Attention and recognition. So why not give them what they want? Acknowledge the people most important to you, the ones you really want to impress, by sharing their content and leaving thoughtful comments.


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