Actionable Ideas Based on Rock-Solid Principles and Tailored to Your Organization and Your Audience

There are times when you would almost be okay with a creative rehashing of old ideas, as long as you could avoid the drama and unpleasant surprises that some speakers bring with them. 

Ideally you want a responsible professional with a fresh perspective, actionable advice, and enough interaction to make it a memorable event. 

Meet Jacob Bear. Jacob brings valuable insights from over 14 years of writing copy for real estate brokerages and IT companies, along with a more "scrappy" distant past that included teaching at a troubled inner-city school, leading group tours through Italy and Greece, and occasionally traveling by freight car. 

He draws upon a rich trove of knowledge, stories, and personal experience to make your event memorable, valuable, and hand-crafted to fit the needs and culture of your organization.

Changing the WIND

Most people are broadly controlled by unconscious drives. Jacob will give you the tools to surface these motives and intentionally choose how to harness their power.

This is how you save the world, turn work into adventure, and grow rich beyond your wildest dreams.

This keynote reveals the powers of the WIND: Will, Implementation, Nerve, and Driving Value. 

When you understand these forces and harness all their energy in concert, you will have the blueprint to reach audacious goals and become unstoppable.

Learning Outcomes:

Construct a bold, internal vision for your organization in two sentences
Tools and skills for addressing burnout, overwhelm, and buy-in from all stakeholders
A system for planning, delegating, and normalizing projects that may be new and unprecedented

Pareto's Cat

You, your organization, and your people need to stand out and become exceptional. It's the only way to survive and thrive in the face of Artificial Intelligence, political division, and an increasingly unstable world.

What if you already have all the talent and resources you need to rise to the top 4% or better in your industry?

You've probably heard of the 80/20 rule, aka the Pareto Principle. But most people don't know that Pareto had a cat that knew how to get things done, attract attention, and rise to the top of Pareto's household.

This keynote is about transforming yourself and your organization into a Pareto's Cat, a leader that benefits from change and uncertainty. 

Learning Outcomes:

Three key questions that align every decision with the driving values of your company
A four-part framework for thinking and planning like a top 1% organization
Develop critical marketing skills that turn the whole team into marketers and make every interaction an opportunity for growth

The World Tree

This interactive training combines ancient mythology with a modern marketing framework to create a plan and a message that are aligned with you and your organization's deepest values.

Jacob draws upon his years as a professional copywriter, along with stories of horrific blunders he amde stumbling through the Mediterranean, trying to learn Italian and Greek. 

Learning Outcomes:

Essential, universal principles of communication
How to connect every public action with the values of your organization so everyone on your team provides an experience that is on-brand and on-message
Develop skills to refine all communications to make them simple, clear, and compelling
Create a comprehensive marketing plan that systematically attracts leads and brings them from click to closing
The forgotten art of marketing resilience

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