I said I wouldn’t do this, but…

I’ve been sick the last few days, and it could have been worse but Johana nursed me back to health with love and attention and her grandmother’s soup recipe.

I told myself I would only publish hard, practical marketing advice, and stay away from the kind of stuff you saw in “The Secret.” You’ve probably heard all you want to about gratitude, especially this time of year.

But here it is. Expressing gratitude, or even just feeling it, has a hard practical value. Maybe it will also magnetize the universe and attract all the good things you want. I don’t know. But here’s something practical you’ll certainly gain by just taking the time to feel grateful.

Your mood and your confidence will soar. Think about all you’ve got, all you’ve done, and especially all that’s been done for you and you know you can’t fail.

This confidence is critical when you’re selling anything. Gratitude makes you more approachable, attractive, and sincere when you meet a potential client. You’ll naturally be coming from a place of helping your client make a purchase decision, rather than trying to push a sale through.

I could go on about this, but let me leave you with a practical tip. Take a few minutes every day to just think aobut what you’re grateful for. It will start to change the way you think and feel about your life. And ultimately this will enhance your marketing and selling power.

I’m grateful that you read this.


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