Grow your business while you repair the world

Over the last two weeks, I wrote seventeen drafts for this post. I couldn’t find the right words to convey what I want to say, so I’m just going to spill it out and hope you’ll agree.

You know we’re in tough times economically, and I hope you’re not feeling the squeeze as badly as people who have lost their homes or their jobs.

I could go on and on about the importance of “giving back.” A bad economy must be much worse for non-profit organizations, and unbearable for the people, animals, and ecosystems that rely on them.

I could remind you of what Zig Ziglar said: “The only thing you need to do to get what you want is help enough other people to get what they want.”

But you know all this, and I believe you want more or less the same thing I want: To make money and do some good in the world. So let’s work together.

Ambition, Abundance, and Action

I’m trying something new this summer. Any writing I do for you in July or August, I’ll give 10% of your payment to the charity of your choice. I’ll even do it in your name, so you can get the tax deduction and the good karma. Plus, if it’s a big project you’ll get a big discount.

And of course you’ll get a lot more out of this than just a thank-you card.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably not 100% satisfied with the wealth your business brings in. But my readers are a step above that.

I’m betting that you’re actually willing to do something about it. You know that results-driven content on your website brings more sales. You get better SEO when you have copy written for that purpose.

You bring in more clients from a targeted, direct response campaign.

If you’re letting your prospects see content that’s boring or unfocused, you know that you can do better. And in this current economic climate, you have to do better, or you’re not going to make it.

There’s never been a better time to spruce up your website, create content that prospective customers will truly read, and just do some good, honest marketing. I’m trying to make it easy for you to advance your business and support your favorite cause.

So what I propose is this. I’ll write fresh, new, results-driven copy for your website, brochures, or a marketing campaign. And just as I promised, I’ll donate 10% of the bill to the charity of your choice. In your name. You’ll get the credit, the glory, and the tax deduction.

Not to mention a discount.

Normally a large project would cost you $1500 to $3000 or even more. But for the entire month of July I’m putting a ceiling on every project at $750, which is only half, or even a fourth, of what you would normally pay.

If you want, you can also give the money you’ll save to a charity. Or you can add it to your coffers, and use it to build your business and enjoy yourself.

Coaxing the world back to life

I said that this was an experiment. I’m giving up my usual vacation time to do this, because I need to see if it can work. I’m hoping this offer will set an example for other businesses, and they’ll follow suit. Imagine when a thousand businesses do this!

Coffers will overflow. Good works will be done, and all the while you’ll be pumping the heart of the economy, blowing on the coals, coaxing the world back to life.

There are trees to be planted, hungry people to be fed, kids waiting eagerly for guidance and direction, or just a chance for some fun. Stray and wild animals need rescuing, homes, and habitat. Beaches and parks need to be cleaned up.

Very few people get to live at a crossroads like the one we’re in right now. I challenge you to think like a mountain and live like a rainstorm.

If this seems like a good idea, pass it on. Maybe you’re happy with your copy right now, and there’s no need to change. If so, forward this to someone else who can benefit.

This isn’t just about the writing, but the idea. Steal it yourself, if you want. More businesses giving away 10% of their earnings to their customers’ charities can’t be a bad thing.

So I’m asking you to take at least one of these two steps:

1. Call (213-427-92880 or email me ( to get your discounted, world-improving, wealth-attracting project off the ground.

2. Pass this ezine on to anyone you think could use a marketing boost.


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  • Right on brother! We need more writers and marketers who give back to the community. I hope this worked out well for you.

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