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Dan Kennedy was way more than just a marketing guru


As I write this, a world-class copywriter is in the final days of his life.

Dan Kennedy wrote scores of books on marketing, but he was way more than just a marketing guru. He taught me critical principles that enriched my whole life.

Things like making sure my behavior is congruent with my goals and values. Being punctual. Constantly reading and learning. Devoting my time to what really matters.

His words and advice put a lot of money in my pocket, but that was practically just a side effect. His wisdom has helped me to enjoy a happy marriage. To travel the world and take long bike rides. I’ve had laughter and wisdom and countless insights thanks to Dan Kennedy. 

The increase in my wealth is the extra olive oil drizzled on top of a delicious pizza.

There are many tributes to Dan Kennedy, from bigger souls and closer friends, people who knew him better, followed his advice more consistently, reached greater heights than I. But I am grateful to stand humbly in their company.

Dan Kennedy drove the chariot of his life hard and fast, and as he crosses the finish line in his final race, we all have many reasons to cheer for him.



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