First, a shiny gold nugget of marketing wisdom that changed my life and might impact yours:

Starting a business is one of the most adventurous things you can do.

Next, a definition:

Adventure is a head-on collision with something you’ve always wanted or something you’ve been trying desperately to avoid. It could be both.

Adventure is the most natural way to grow and evolve and overcome your limits and live your best life. So instead of waiting for the collision to happen, why no hit the gas pedal and drive right into it?

Three Ways to Have an Adventure Whenever You Want One

There are three ways you can have an adventure almost any time you want.

  1. Pick something you’ve always wanted to do, always thought about doing, or something you sincerely plan to do someday. Start it today.
  2. Look at something important you’re already doing or you’re definitely going to do soon. Find a way to make it ten times as fun, challenging, profitable, cool, or beneficial for the world. Do it twice as fast.
  3. Pick something you have to do but really don’t want to do. Do it in the next 24 hours. Get it over with and out of the way. Embrace the fear/pain/embarrassment/tediousness/exhaustion. Learn from it. Then go back to #1 and #2 above with a clear head and a clean slate.

Here are some of the mighty deeds completed by adventurers I have known:

  • Climbing Mt. Everest
  • Enrolling at Harvard without financial aid or a way to pay for it
  • Moving from India to Canada to start a business
  • Leaving a good job in a big city to become a farmer
  • Going on the road with a one-person show without knowing whether anyone would want to see it
  • Ditching an abusive partner
  • Living in a treehouse
  • Traveling across two continents on freight trains
  • Crossing the Bering Strait into Russia and back on a dare
  • Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

If you don’t see yourself on this list, I would love to hear about your adventures so I can add them. Let me know in the comments!