My Brief Career as a Criminal

“Talk to an attorney, he said, “before you bring a world of hurt on yourself.” That’s one of the comments I got when I posted my business idea on a private forum I belong to. Damn! I was this close! I had figured out how to perform a badly needed service at virtually no cost. Read more about My Brief Career as a Criminal[…]


What every copywriter doesn’t want you to know

Don’t tell anyone I revealed this. I’ll get enemies left and right. But here’s the reason I always talk about missing 20% of your best opportunities. Because even the best copy only accounts for 20% of your results. There are two other factors that are twice as important: Your list, and an offer. But before Read more about What every copywriter doesn’t want you to know[…]


How to use copywriting to reduce your costs and lower your risk

Response Magazine often talks about a low-cost way to test your infomercial, before you spend a fortune on DirectTV. They suggest running a long radio spot with the same or similar script that you plan to use for your infomercial. Many long-copy radio spots have been successfully morphed into high-yielding infomercials. And if your radio Read more about How to use copywriting to reduce your costs and lower your risk[…]


Where’s the Beef?

Hey what’s going on here? I’m a copywriter, not a burger joint! In fact, I’m a vegetarian most of the time.

But this historic ad took some boring yet critical information, and made it funny. Ask yourself, if there’s one thing you want everybody to know about your business, what is it? And how can you tell everybody, in a way that they’ll get it, remember it, and even go around reminding others?

Maybe you would do it like this. […]