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Capitalism and racism are incompatible


As I write this, people are marching in the streets around the country.

Most of them are peaceful, most of them are not looting stores and businesses, and most of them have only three words they want you to hear: Black lives matter. 

Whatever you think about the protests and the events that led up to this demonstration, let me ask you a question that might not seem related.

Why are you an entrepreneur? Your answer matters.

Every one of us is in this world for a reason. You have a unique purpose. You have a talent, a perspective, or a way of doing things that nobody else can offer. 

Being an entrepreneur is one of the best ways to uncover your gift and share it with the world.

But when anyone is systematically denied a level playing field, we are all deprived of their unique gifts. Capitalism and racism are incompatible. Black lives matter.

I’ll have some great new marketing ideas for you soon, including a neat little trick to make perpetual, unique content. But for now, think about the people marching in the street, and the one simple request that most of them have.



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