Build an Instant Social Media Campaign in Six Steps (631 words)

Ever feel overwhelmed by social media?

It’s time to take a big huge magnifying glass, gather every ray of light, and focus it all into a single white-hot point of irresistible clarity.

This clarity will inform all the social media marketing that you do.

Step One: Seven questions to get you crystal clear

The first step is to figure out exactly what you want prospects to know about you. This will make your marketing 1,000% more effective. I’ve got a detailed process for doing this, but you can start by asking these questions:

  1. What are the 5 most common positive things clients say about you?
  2. What is the biggest problem you solve for your clients?
  3. What are the 5 things you have to explain most frequently?
  4. What are the 5 most important things you wish prospects or clients knew about you?
  5. What makes you different than your competitors?
  6. What is the “Secret Origin” story of your business?
  7. What is one interesting personal fact about you which would surprise most people?

There are several more questions you could add. But this is a start.

Step Two: Turning questions into answers

Once you answer these questions, you’ll be staring at a big pile of issues, ideas, anecdotes and facts. You need to do some mind mapping.

Find the common thread or threads among all of these tidbits of information. Tie an interesting fact or story to something important you want your prospects or clients to know about you.

Boil everything down to just a few key talking points. You’ll go back to these points again and again.

Step Three: Now for the hard part

Next, try to make one or more videos and blog posts for each of your key talking points. If you can’t think of enough ways to do this, use all the other bits and pieces that came out through the questions above.

Each blog, article, or video will support one or more of your key talking points.

Step Four: Now for the fun part

Take all the leftover facts, anecdotes, and ideas from your questions. For each one, brainstorm at least 10 pithy quotes or statements. Come up with 10 benefits to your clients that are related to each one. Write 10 headlines, and 10 memes.

By the way, the definition of a headline is something that will make the person who sees it want to see more. There are three sure-fire elements that will make this happen: Curiosity, self-interest, and news. Write your 10 headlines.

Step Five: Putting it all together

Let’s look at what you’ve built so far:

  • A handful of key talking points
  • A set of articles, blogs, and videos that explain and reinforce your talking points
  • A collection of facts, ideas, and anecdotes about the amazing work you do
  • Around 30 benefits, pithy statements, and headlines for each of these facts and anecdotes.

Now you’re ready to talk about social media. It doesn’t matter which platform or platforms you’re on, you have just one goal for everything you post from now on: You want it to reinforce your talking points.

How do you do this? By front-loading your social media.

Each individual item from your pithy statements, headlines, benefits, facts, ideas, and anecdotes will become a tweet, a Facebook post, something you can copy and paste into a comment somewhere.

There is software that will do this for you, or you can just put everything into a spreadsheet and have an intern copy and paste as much as you want on a daily basis.

Step Six: Never run out of content again

If you’ve done your homework, you should easily have 100 or more little things you can post by now. If you go back and brainstorm once a month, you’ll never run out of content and most of your social media will run on autopilot.


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