Breakthroughs Can Happen in an Instant

Ever heard that every cloud has a silver lining? Wrong.

Sweeping changes in technology, the economy, and the law are turning your industry upside down and not everyone is going to survive.

 To put it bluntly, members of your organization have a right to be very scared right now.

But deep inside that dark cloud fear and the worry, you’ll find the seeds to rapid growth beyond your wildest dreams.

Jacob doesn’t sugarcoat the frightening truth. He doesn’t try to hand off a silver lining and pretend everything is okay.

Instead, he shows your people how to explore the darkest clouds--not to find silver linings, but to unlock golden opportunites.

Jacob combines storytelling, neuroscience, and current events with an optimism that is always grounded in reality.

He shows you how to rise above:

• Fear about the future
• Embarassment over recent setbacks
• Egotism and quiet quitting

Jacob shows your team the truth: that they are heroes on a journey.  He gives your audience the tools to perform a powerful alchemy, transforming fear and angst into gold

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