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What other folks are saying about Jacob Bear

“Jacob is a true professional who did an amazing job with my project! He carefully listened to everything I needed and he came up with writing that matched exactly what I was looking for. He was also very efficient; he put a lot of research into the writing and he already knew about certain areas of my work without me even having to explain! That saved me so much time and effort. I truly appreciate that. If you need a writer to help boost your marketing efforts and who is also a joy to work with, I would highly recommend Jacob.”

New Angle Analytics 7


Alpert Memioglu
New Angle Analytics



Ariane Cap, Ari's Bass Blog“Jacob is an outstanding copywriter. He researched our product (an educational course) in depth and really got the gist of what we are trying to convey. He came up with ideas and concepts I would have never thought of. And he went above and beyond the assignment with an eye toward the bigger picture: He asked me about a personal experience relevant to my business and blew me away by creating a strong marketing story out of it within minutes. Highly recommended!”

Arianne Cap
Ari’s Bass Blog


“Some people just get it. It’s not often that a writer connects with you on a deep level – communicating your exact message, exactly as you would say it if you had great writing skills. Jacob is such a writer. He is precise. He knows just what to say and how to say it. He is concise–not fluffy and verbose. He is easy to work with–There isn’t any stress or strife when asking for Jacob’s assistance. I have worked with Jacob on several projects now and my experience has been consistent and excellent. I highly recommend this professional.”

Joel Block, President and CEO
Bullseye Capital


“Jacob is very intentional and his focus on quality is exceptional. He consistently refines and improves his skills and approach to add deeper value to his clients. A man of many interests with a wide array of knowledge and experience, I recommend his writing to anyone looking to clearly and concisely motivate others to action through words.”

Jon Kline, CEO and Platform Architect


“Jacob has done several jobs for me. He seems to always come up with great ideas. Several times he has taken my own work (which I thought was pretty good) and transformed it to make it catchy, funny and memorable. I am looking forward to using him again and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs copy work.”

Chris Jacobson Realtor


“I trusted Jacob Bear to interview our best clients, and he edited their remarks into valuable testimonials. He also put together a quality newsletter in a matter of days. After we rolled out our first issue, we immediately acquired two new clients we had been courting for years. I’m positive this service gave us the extra mindshare and credibility we needed to finally close these sales.”

Brent Whitfield, President
DCG Technical Solutions



“In the past, I tried to write a lot of my own material but always had poor results. But for some time now, I’ve had a ‘secret weapon’ helping me build my business by making my written words sell my services even when I sleep: Jacob Bear. Jacob took a thorough look at my written material: brochures, sales letters, website, business cards, pamphlets, flyers, and newspaper ads, and he came up with a customized plan of action. Now, instead of trying to do it by myself I spend more time in front of clients.”
Robert Nomura
Wealth Strategist
Quantum Advisors West

“I hired Jacob Bear to acquire some high-end clients, namely those with jet planes. I started circulating the brochure he wrote, and right away we got our first big account. Without knowing anything about aircraft, Jacob articulated my work better than I could. It’s much easier now for customers to see what I do.”

Tomas Rippel, Owner
Gustintaero Aircraft Interiors
Pacoima, CA

Jacob gave me the concept for an idea that my customer loved. It’s going out on
all their promotional items. It made me look good because I came through with a
winning idea.

Sharon Blair
Blair Promotions

“You really hit it all right on the head. Everything looks fantastic and I can’t wait to see it all on the web site. You can also tell people I said that ‘Jacob Bear has a really cool hairstyle.'”

Jack Loudermill
Operations Manager
Nakamura – Beeman, Inc.
Santa Fe Springs, CA

“Jacob’s input was invaluable when I wanted to put together a presentation for high school students and youth at risk. He gave me a lot of ideas to work with, and stimulated my own thinking. Jacob completely surpassed my expectations.”

John Collins, Workshop Coordinator
Los Angeles, CA