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Inspire your team to be the best in their field

After reaching a certain level of material prosperity, most people are no longer highly motivated by money.

A sense of adventure is the currency of excellence, and you can cultivate this game-changing mindset. You and your team will discover new ways to stand out, greater energy and creativity, and a drive to be among the top performers in your industry.

Jacob Bear spent weeks alone on a bicycle in Italy, retracing the route of an ancient Roman highway, the Appian Way. The life-changing lessons he gleaned from this adventure will give the members of your organization the tools and inspiration to thrive in a changing business environment. 

Take your organization on a journey that will show your people how to not only survive disruption, but to thrive in any situation.

Finding Your Fire

Every culture is filled with rites of passage such as graduations, weddings, and bar mitzvahs. Everywhere you see myths, fairy tales, and legends that follow versions of the Hero’s Journey.

Human beings are wired for adventure and transformation, and you can use this natural tendency to create your own adventures. Finding Your Fire shows your team or members how to design a quest that will improve any business or career, build courage and self-esteem, or change virtually any part of your life that you want. 

This talk is for you if:

  • You’re wondering how to deal with new technology, disruptive business models, and changes in your industry.
  • You’re looking for the right path to amplify the success of your organization.
  • You’re ready to move beyond your biggest obstacle, once and for all.

Based on years of work as a copywriter, a long bike ride on an ancient Roman road, and the wisdom of a grumpy old man who stopped an army of 30,000 warriors by uttering a single sentence–this is a talk like no other. 

In this talk, your audience will learn:

  • The Beneventum Moment–A game-changing tool to rise above any obstacle or challenge
  • Three mindsets for dealing with uncertainty and facing the unknown
  • 7 essential copywriting secrets that will permanently change the impression you make on your colleagues, clients, and prospects

Your people come away transformed, ready to see any new problem or challenge as an adventure, inspired by an ancient vision and empowered with new tools and tactics.


Empower your team through breakouts in any of the following key areas:

  • Embracing the Adventure: Dealing with new procedures, policies, or technology
  • Copy, Content, and Communication
  • Communicating your vision so your people and team understand it
  • Special techniques to overcome Imposter Syndrome