4 secrets to inspired web content and follow-up that get explosive results

This is the economic stimulus you’ve been waiting for. I’ve been thinking and thinking about how I can offer you a FREE version of the workbook and templates I’m putting together for “do-it-yourself” copywriting. I’ve decide just to go for it, tell you how I would do it, and then you can set up your own marketing campaign.

So, here it is:

Getting Your Money’s Worth: 4 Secrets to Inspired Web Content and Follow-up that get Explosive Results in any Economy

This powerful little booklet is based on the 37-Minute Marketing Campaign that I offer my clients. You won’t be able to do it on your own in just 37 minutes, but you will learn some of my best secrets, including:

  • 3 essential elements your website must have!
  • The heavy-lifting power tool that drives conversion
  • Million-dollar advertising on a hundred-dollar budget
  • The single, most important element that can destroy your advertising efforts if you get it wrong

…and much more!

I’ve pulled out all the stops this time. I hope you’ll download this, work it, use every step again and again as customers beat down the door to do business with you.

To download your copy, simply fill out the form:


1 thought on “4 secrets to inspired web content and follow-up that get explosive results

  • Hey Jacob, I enjoyed this report a lot, and it gave me some worthwhile marketing ideas that I can’t wait to try. My business is in a funk right now, but hopefully your guide will show me the way to market my way out of this mess. Thanks a lot!

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