37 Ways to Use Your Backbone Marketing Content

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been putting together a series called Selling a Complex Service. (If you haven’t seen it, just look under the category called “Selling a Complex Service.)

The whole series shows you how to create a permanent, organized collection of videos and articles that each address each objection or question that could slow down a sale.

This collection is your Backbone Marketing content. Today’s article shows you several ways you can use it.

  1. Make it into YouTube videos that drive traffic back to your site
  2. Text or email your clients the link to content that addresses their specific situation
  3. Post as a “guest blog” to gain more visibility
  4. Post links to your content on Instagram
  5. Use each item as a blog post
  6. Tweet relevant and useful tips from your Backbone
  7. Make several related items into a speech or presentation, and give talks for a fee or self-promotion (or both!)
  8. Work into ebooks to build your list
  9. Work it into online classes for marketing or as a new revenue stream
  10. Make a book out of the most useful content and use as part of your marketing package to prospective clients
  11. Create a Facebook page and post content regularly
  12. Post links to your content on Pinterest
  13. Add it bit-by-bit to your LinkedIn profile
  14. Start a LinkedIn group and use each item as the basis for a weekly discussion
  15. Put into an autoresponder for drip campaigns to your prospects
  16. Have a friend ask you questions about it, record the conversations, and make a podcast
  17. Easier still, create a podcast by reading each item out loud
  18. Design an infographic for each item and post it on Instagram
  19. Send relevant content to your favorite podcast hosts and get invited on their podcasts
  20. Sell training programs based on your Backbone content
  21. Do webinars based on your content
  22. Make a professional recording of your best content and create an Audible book
  23. When you get a new client, use your content to promote additional services as part of an upsell
  24. Make private, exclusive videos and email the links to your best clients as a thank-you
  25. Create videos that automatically resell/upsell your services
  26. Use it as bonuses for a product or service you offer
  27. Use as templates for new products and services
  28. Form a group on FaceBook and share your content with group members
  29. Use as templates to streamline the work you do now
  30. Create a contest where clients send in stories, photos, and videos of how they put one of your content items to work. Best example wins a prize.
  31. Send specific, carefully targeted content to help convince a prospect who is about to do a deal with you
  32. Save hours of time explaining yourself in meetings and phone calls by sharing your relevant content
  33. Work it into a training manual for new employees and sales representatives
  34. Use it as a system for coaching clients
  35. Record yourself talking through each item in your backbone content, upload it to Amazon S3, and occasionally give access to your clients
  36. Do a big content give-away, find other entrepreneurs to promote it, and build your list
  37. Hire telemarketers to cold call potential clients with an offer of your most useful and relevant content



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