First and always a salesman, then a writer, then a teacher.

June 9th, 2016

Who cares about me? You’re reading this to find out what I can do for you.

If I believe in you, I can sell you in any media. I earned my selling mojo on the mean streets of Rome, Italy. I sold walking tours to random passersby outside the Colosseum and the Forum.

The sun was hot, the hours long, the pay was commission-only, and it was the best job I ever had. Lucrative, too, because I was good at it.

I’ll be good at selling your business, too, as long as it’s inspiring. I won’t take on a project I don’t believe in. Life is too short for that.

Still with me? Great! You can call or email anytime, but if you want to know the rest of the story, here it goes:

After messing around in Rome for a few years, I started writing travel articles. I got published in outfits like Transitions Abroad, Travel Outside the Box, and a few others that no longer exist. You can read about a lot of my travels here.

But I really hit paydirt when I came back to the USA.

A friend was starting a new business, refurbishing private aircraft. I wrote him a brochure and some content for his website, and this gave him the jump he needed to land his first big client.

That’s when the lightbulb went on. Duh! If you can sell and you can write, you can write content that sells. That’s what I do for you.

I had a change of heart a year or two later. I wanted to help out inner city kids, so I spent almost a year getting a teaching credential. Then a few years teaching high school biology, before I quit in a fit of total exasperation.

The experience was frustrating, but not useless. As a science teacher I created 147 video lessons for a complete, year-long science course. Now a private home-schooling business hosts the videos and sells access to individual families, in part through the copy I wrote to sell the course.

I got my video chops from making all those lessons, and another lightbulb went on: If you’ve got good content that sells, it’s easy to put that content into a video that will sell even more for you.

YouTube videos are the new press release. Google owns YouTube, and if you want your website to stand out, you’ve got to get some videos embedded on your most important pages.

I’ve worked with two really good video editors, and I’m happy to bring them in to help your business and your cause. I’m also familiar with several programs for making video, and I’ve got a growing circle of experts to help with the technical stuff.

When I work with you, I will never leave you empty-handed. Once a project is finished, I will teach you how to keep the momentum going, and give you templates and ideas so you can update your content at will.

I’ll even introduce you to my editors, programmers, and other contractors who work with me on your project. You’ll be able to hire them directly in the future, with no need to go through me. They win, you win, and we all come out happy.

So, let’s just sum up everything I will do for you:

-I will take massive, aggressive, creative and professional action to sell your business across any media

-I will put you in touch with my team of experts so they become your team whenever you need work done in the future

-I leave you with a wealth of tools and ideas to keep on promoting yourself and your business long after I’ve faded from your memory

I offer a money-back guarantee on most projects

I have to pay my team, and if we’re doing a lot of design, programming, or editing I may not be able to refund everything. But when you hire me to write content for you, like this, I will refund every penny you pay me if you don’t like the work and I can’t find a way to fix it.

Want to get started?

You can always call or text me at 213-453-1327. Or if you want a more thought-out response, fill out the contact form below:

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